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Women's Overflow Shelter

Coming Soon!

Messiah's Branch was donated a 4 plex apartment building, we will use as a woman's overflow. Below is part of the plan, the whole plan is available to those who wish to support what we do.

Wichita the NEED is right now and we need your help to make this work, we are at a holding pattern right now until we get funding to remodel, any size donation will help.

We also will need monthly support to keep running, not just in winter but all the time. 316-619-4886


Here is the link to what Mercy looks like right now.
Before Renovation


A Women's Emergency Overflow Shelter
By Messiah's Branch


The Problem:
From the Wichita Police Homeless Outreach Team (HOT)

Officer Nate Schwiethale
Wichita Police Department
Homeless Outreach Team
(316) 854-3013

“I would quote me saying that our HOT team has had “more trouble finding shelters for women than men as there isn’t a night time emergency shelter that we have found that will take a female (except during the winter at the overflow which closes March).”

Wichita shelters call attention to domestic violence

Wichita Eagle at

Exerpt dated October 19, 2013
Shelters are full

At Catholic Charities Harbor House, staff and volunteers work daily to meet the needs of domestic violence victims and their families. The organization is one of two emergency shelters operating in Wichita.

The other is run by the YWCA.

Last year Harbor House sheltered 383 people, including three men and 201 children, Glick, of Catholic Charities, said. About 1,200 more received help by calling their domestic violence hotline or through other services.

The YWCA Women’s Crisis Center served around 1,200 victims and provided about 2,000 hours of counseling and outreach.

“We had 6,341 bed nights,” Lampe said. That’s “women and kids that are staying in shelters providing that safe environment overnight.”

Despite the apparent downward trend in domestic violence reports made to law enforcement, officials say both shelters are full and turning cases away.

“We have to turn away about 50 women a month because we don’t have the space,” Glick said of Harbor House.

At YWCA, it’s at least 30 each month.
“Unfortunately, we’re operating at capacity of 95 to 97 percent of what we can hold in house,” Lampe said.

From the Wichita Mission Church by Messiah's Branch
900 South Broadway
Wichita, KS 67211

Pastor Dan Catlin
(316) 619-4886

We have been working with the Wichita Homeless since June of 2000, June 2014 will start our 15th year. During this time many homeless agencies have come to refer the people they cannot help to us.

(You can find more out about Messiah’s Branch with news media clips and other info at or call Pastor Dan Catlin 316-619-4886)

Problem: is when you call around to the women’s shelters is that they are generally always full no beds, when they have a bed open then the woman must make an appointment to see if they fit into the program that the shelter has.

(This means nothing after business hours; we should note there is a big need for family shelters as most are always full also)

Problem: many times if a woman is not abused or has a drug problem then they do not fit into the various agencies programs so even if there is a bed available because the woman does not meet the guidelines then no bed. The Ones that do fit with the guidelines, more often than not, there just are no beds even for them.

Problem: Winter-Overflow
Interfaith from November through March has been running a men and women’s overflow. They can come in at any hour of the night and are given a place to sleep but are out the same time every morning weather permitting. This is needed all year around and we are unsure how long Interfaith will do this as they have been trying to push the city for a permanent solution. (Messiah’s Branch believes the permanent solution would be a 24/7 men and women walk in emergency overflow shelter year round)

Messiah’s Branch

Who we are:

MB is a small Non-Incorporated Missionary or Mission Church located at 900 south Broadway in Wichita, Ks. It has been a “Church” since established in 1999 and helping the poor and homeless since June of 2000. As the poor cannot pay for this most funding comes from donations sent by people whom listen to their radio ministry.
IRS tax Guide for churches and Religious Organizations

From the IRS tax Guide for churches and Religious Organizations
Recognition of Tax-Exempt Status Automatic Exemption for Churches

Churches that meet the requirements of IRC section501(c)(3) are automatically considered tax exempt and are not required to apply for and obtain recognition of tax-exempt status from the IRS. (people supporting the Mission Church get tax deductions every year for their support)

Solution for women
"MERCY" A Women's Emergency Overflow Shelter
By Messiah's Branch

What is needed is what is called overflow beds, meaning beds available when normal shelters do not have room hence “overflow”. This should be treated as an emergency problem so that women no matter when they go homeless day or night can find a safe bed and a shower. This means an overflow is open for 12 hours a day from 7 PM till 7AM.

What happens to them in the daytime?
The women need to connect with the various services located at the Open Door Drop in Center that can find more permanent solutions for the women. These services are available through the drop in center.


A Women's Emergency Overflow Shelter
By Messiah's Branch

Messiah's Branch Mission Church: has been donated a 2511 square foot 4 plex building in which will be converted into a 24 bed overflow called Mercy. Mercy will also be able to take in on very temporary basis other women if the beds are full. Last year from we were told the highest capacity at anyone given night at the women's overflow was 20 women, however Pastor Dan Catlin (PD from now on) thinks Mercy will run at full capacity with the need for expansion.

Time Open
Women will arrange to get a bed for the night or nights, by going though the Wichita Mission Church. Agencies, the HOT team (police), will also make referrals the Mission Church. Some details will be worked on after opening.

After signing up for a bed the women will be picked up at the Lord’s Diner at 6:45 PM daily by bus. After bus time a woman must call the HOT TEAM and be brought by them unless otherwise arranged by Messiah’s Branch, which will have an after hours phone. All this will be fine tuned after opening by Sister Linda Catlin director of the shelter. Wake will be 6:30 AM with a bus ride at 7 PM to the Open Door drop in Center.

Showers, Sitting room, and Beds:
Mercy will have showers available for the women when they arrive, they can shower read a little while, have access to a phone, watch a little TV then lights out after the 10:00 PM NEWS, of course they can go to bed anytime after arrival. There is to be sitting room with a TV in it. The beds will be clean bunk beds.

No stove in it but a microwave and small electric oven

What is needed to open First and foremost we need a commitment of $2,400 per month to be able to pay the bills at MERCY (Mercy has no paid employees) any size donations will help to get open and stay open, so funding is number one.

12 bunk Beds
Two hide a bed couches
Washer high capacity
Dryer high capacity
2 regular couches
Privacy fence 240 feet
Hardware for gates
45 posts
Rough estimate $2,400

Security system
4-5 camera’s with internet hook up, one computer for cameras
4 Out side automatic on lights (when someone gets close they come on)
2 lights that come on at night go off in the day

Central heat and air unit for 2511 square foot dwelling
Costs look to be as low as $5000 installed to as high as $6000 installed ( this is the most efficient but will take 4 large 220 window air units…unsure of cost, cheaper up front but higher monthly costs as is the wall heaters…

Sheets 70 sets
Blankets 70
Bed spreads 70
Bath Towels 70 and 70 hand towels
Washrags 70
Electric Oven
Laundry soap
1 large capacity coffee pot
1 side by side refrigerator
2 toasters 5 slice
2 microwaves that are large and can toast or bake
30 coffee cups
Table settings for 30
Pillows 30
Pillow cases 70
Throw rugs for all rooms except kitchens and bath rooms
Some screens and screen doors need replaced